Rep. Caulkins Defends Clinton Power Station

State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) is fighting against legislation (HB 3987) filed this week that would put the Clinton Power Station operated by ComEd at risk of closure. The legislation repeals part of the Future Energy Jobs Act which became law in 2016 that kept the Clinton Power Station open in Central Illinois.

“I’m very disappointed to see legislation filed that jeopardizes the future of the Clinton Power Station,” said Rep. Caulkins. “I will fight against this harmful bill every step of the way to make sure it does not become law. The Clinton Power Station provides electricity to more than one million homes, employees nearly 700 people in central Illinois and provides almost a million dollars in property tax revenue for local schools – they are a welcome neighbor to all of us in the region.”

HB 3987 would eliminate the clean energy tax credits available to the Clinton Power Station. This bill is a political reaction to the federal probe of ComEd and its lobbying. As it stands today, the allegations have nothing to do with the Clinton Power Station itself or its plant operations.

The Clinton Power Station was slated for closure on June 1, 2017 until a bipartisan legislative effort created the Future Energy Jobs Act. Caulkins’ predecessor, former State Representative Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) worked diligently on legislation approved by both sides of the aisle that was ultimately signed by Governor Bruce Rauner three years ago to ensure the Clinton Power Station would stay open for at least another ten years.

Rep. Caulkins added, “It’s unfortunate to hear about allegations of corruption and they should not be taken lightly. However, there is no evidence of any corruption related to the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act. Why should nearly 700 employees and over a million customers be punished because of the allegations made towards some corrupt lobbyists? If it wasn’t for the Future Energy Jobs Act, the Clinton Power Station would be closed. I won’t stop fighting to keep the lights on at the power station.”