Caulkins Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Emergency Rules to Put Business Owners in Jail

State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) released the following statement after Governor Pritzker filed emergency rules through IDPH on Friday to place business owners in jail if they don’t follow his “Stay at Home” order:

“I’m disappointed in Governor Pritzker’s decision to punish business owners who are struggling to pay their bills because he shut them down for two months. I also find it disturbing that the Governor is now creating his own laws to fine business owners and put them in jail if they don’t follow his executive orders. All of this, while releasing violent criminals from prison. The people of Illinois recognize the many inconsistencies in his rules and have figured out that he really isn’t providing the leadership we need during difficult times.

We are headed back to session on Wednesday. It’s time for the legislature to do its job and create a plan to safely and quickly reopen Illinois. Several counties and mayors have put forth plans that should be considered since it appears that Governor Pritzker wants to keep us closed indefinitely.”