Caulkins Statement on Redistricting Boundaries

Last week, the Census Bureau released the 2020 raw data compiled for Illinois. During the past weekend, the Republican members of the General Assembly were able to perform an analysis of the information and found 10 House Districts with faulty population numbers. In fact, the swing was almost 30% (over 32,000 people) between the most populated districts and the least populated districts.

It is now obvious that the process the Democrats used to draw their maps was just as faulty as the Republicans said it was. It’s also very clear why the Census Bureau explicitly warned against using ACS data for reapportionment.

State Representative Caulkins (R-Decatur) released a statement regarding this issue:

“Here is another example of why politicians should not be drawing maps in an effort to choose their voters. My fellow Republican members and I tried repeatedly to stop them from this folly. Who knows how much time and money has been wasted so far by both sides on this process? We know the Democrats did this for purely political gain. They admitted it. Now, the Federal court will have to resolve what should have been a non-issue. It seems common sense and integrity have no place in the Democrat leadership.”