Legislative Update 12-20-21

Rep Dan Caulkins Statement on Pritzker’s Emergency Declaration

I will continue to work with state and local officials to ensure that – once federal resources are brought to table – there is accountability for how funds are allocated and spent.

December 15, 2021- Decatur, Illinois – Today, Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) released the following statement regarding Governor JB Pritzker’s declaration of a state of emergency in Edwardsville and the surrounding counties due to tornado damage.

A disaster proclamation grants the State of Illinois the ability to expedite the use of state resources, personnel, or equipment, and allows the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to procure additional resources to help communities recover from the storms.

“While I am disgusted with many in the political arena who immediately used this tragedy to push their climate change agenda while people were suffering, I am glad that the proclamation has finally been signed. I will continue to work with state and local officials to ensure that – once federal resources are brought to table – there is accountability for how funds are allocated and spent. The people impacted by these devastating storms need and deserve help as quickly as we can get it to them. I will also be working with local partners to discuss the path forward for our communities, both this year and for the long haul.”

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Southern Illinois Comes Together to Help Mayfield, Kentucky Tornado VIctims


You know they never want this to end, right? From the hysteria surrounding every new Covid variant, to mask and vaccine mandates with their accompanying threats for non-compliers, Democrats are in pig heaven controlling you with this stuff.

The saddest part of it all is that public schools and our children are the number one casualty of these power hungry, narcissistic public officials. Despite being at very low risk of the adverse effects of Covid, they have been significantly punished by the Covid mandates. Children from preschool to college have been facing social isolation, delayed learning, forced vaccinations and mental health issues for almost 2 years. They can’t get this lost time back and, for many, the consequences have been devastating. Here are just a few headlines from this past week:

Glenview school: “No gathering outside the home” extends into winter break.

13 year old vaccinated at school without parental permission.

Illinois Unit 30 superintendent frustrated by lack of clarity from state on masks.

Pritzker mum on an end date for statewide mask mandate.

If you think their tyranny is going to end any time soon, you are in for a rude awakening.


Colorado Gov Declares Covid Emergency ‘Over’. To Unvaccinated: If You Get Sick, It’s ‘Your Own Darn Fault’

But What Defines ‘Vaccinated’?

Google To Fire All Unvaccinated Employees


Illinois Education Association to Parents

“We are the experts, we bring an honest education to all our students that is true to our history.  Keep your politics out of our classrooms.”

Shocking statement from IEA. They spent big money to put together this video that alledges a conspiracy when the truth is parents around the state want local control over masks and curriculum. Read below about what is happening is classrooms around the state. 

Keep fighting parents.  I will fight with you.   


And there’s more


More Poison for Your Children

Illinois Parents Fight to Ban Sexually Explicit Book From Schools

This book is in many Illinois public schools.

And this video is from a teacher in Waukegan Illinois who is blowing the whistle on Critical Race Theory in schools.  He spoke before his own school board this week.  I highly encourage more parental involvement in schools.


Illinois Crime And Corruption

Smollett Refuses To Acknowledge The Truth

Former State Rep. Eddie Acevedo Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion

Oak Brook Mall Retail Theft: Grab-And-Run Thieves Target Nordstrom Twice In One Day

Former state official who allegedly falsified overtime now under scrutiny after collecting more than $71,000 in workers’ comp and disability benefits

Decatur and Macon County Senior Center.

Outreach 101, the committee that distributes my legislative salary, I presented a check for $500 to the Senior Center at their annual Christmas party.

Gratitude Is Good For Your Health

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