Legislative Update 1-28-22

This newsletter is provided to give you a look around the state and here locally about policy issues that affect all Illinoisans.  Illinois has the 5th highest economic output in the United States.  We have over 30 Fortune 500 companies that call us home.  We have top healthcare, academic, and financial institutions and above all we are an agriculture behemoth.  Our public policy is holding us back.  I believe an informed citizen makes a better citizen, this weekly newsletter is a look at the top issues from my perspective.  Please share it with others.

When an 8-year old girl is gunned down in Illinois and the alleged murderer is a 16-year old known gang member who was on “intensive probation” for three aggravated carjackings in the last five months, then this is the top story.

Here’s the alarming headline from Yahoo.

Here are more stories, regrettably…

What Did You Think Was Going To Happen, Democrats?

We are all paying the price for your recklessly passed and purely political legislation that has demoralized and defunded our police. Now you’re scrambling to address the horrifying crime wave?


You can’t restore lives lost. You can’t try and convince people that they are safe. You can’t expect anyone to aspire to a law enforcement career. The damage is done.

As statehouse Republicans attempt to repeal your disastrous and massive SAFE-T Act with HB4499, the streets will continue to be unsafe for law abiding citizens and officers. You gave violent criminals the upper hand.

5 Dead, 17 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago

And there is no one in custody for each of the incidents:



Make Sure Your COVID Testing Site Is Legit

FBI Searches Center for COVID Control Headquarters in Illinois Following Complaints

Illinois, Chicago schools to change quarantine rules to align with CDC guidelines


Better Government Association Investigation Into Rebuild Illinois Projects Reveals Deep Ties to Former House Speaker Madigan


That’s sad enough, but much worse when you consider how the program is being paid for: The poor and working class are being hit hardest

School Choice week highlights growing trend of school choice in Illinois


More terrible ideas from Pritzker-led Democrats:

Pritzker vetoes bill allowing for additional sick days for teachers with COVID. Instead, agrees to sign a bill allowing it only for vaccinated teachers.

Teacher Student Loan Bailout – SB3979

Turn forest preserve land into solar fields- HB4314

ILGA’s 2022 So Far: Democrat Leadership Has Cancelled 11 Out Of 12 Session Days

Having accomplished absolutely nothing productive, what will Pritzker say in his

State of the State and Budget address on Wednesday?

You can be sure that lying about Illinois’ fiscal health will be at the top of his list:

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