Legislative Update 2-28-22

Give Me A Break

Wednesday in Decatur, Governor JB Pritzker touted his “Illinois Family Relief Plan” that includes a property tax rebate of up to $300.

Big deal.

His idea of “property tax relief” is barely a drop in the financial bucket for a state where residents pay the second-highest property tax rates in the nation. Of course, Pritzker framed his budget announcement around re-election, inflation fears, COVID and other Democrat self-induced nightmares.

Pritzker’s concept of a balanced budget is based on federal COVID money, which is irresponsible and dishonest. And the gas tax freeze (also part of his “Illinois Family Relief Plan”) takes away money for road and bridge repairs, which Illinois desperately needs.

Don’t buy his snake oil.

State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) is a member of both the House Energy and Environment and Public Utilities committees. Today, he released the following statement as events are unfolding in Eastern Europe.

“In order for a country to grow and flourish, one of the basic essentials is energy. Back in history, civilizations were dependent on the sun and seasons to survive. As new and inexpensive forms of energy were discovered and employed, life improved and our country grew to be a source of food and innovation for all to enjoy.

What we are seeing happen in Eastern Europe is the result of the current administration’s terrible policy decisions. By prohibiting the private sector of our great country and in Illinois to not only use our natural resources but actually grow our energy output has enriched our enemies and made our friends dependent on them. The consequences are very obvious when Russia can fund its military with $100 a barrel oil vs $50 a barrel with the ability to cut off natural gas deliveries to our allies.

The lesson we must learn from today’s events is very simple. Our energy policy – both here in Illinois and nationally – must be focused on independence and providing low-cost; reliable sources of energy to our residents and businesses. We must not be dependent on other states or nations. We have more resources and the ability to produce more energy that we can consume. To not use every asset we have to keep our state and country prosperous and productive is the wrong policy and will continue to erode our standard of living and freedoms.”

Illinois’ taxes, corruption, unfriendly business environment and high labor costs continue to take a toll on the state’s economic recovery.

“Rebuild Illinois” Package Contains $4 Billion in Kickbacks to State Politicians

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Illinois county has to pay over $370k for firing nurse who refused to cooperate with abortion


Why Is This Unnecessary Legislation Being Introduced??

The Illinois General Assembly has highly urgent matters that should be demanding their full attention. But for Democrats, forgetting your feminine hygiene products when visiting a state park or rest stop calls for top priority legislation.

House Bill 4183 amends the Illinois Highway Code requiring the Department of Transportation to make menstrual hygiene products available, at no cost, in the bathrooms of each Interstate highway rest area.

House Bill 4148 amends the State Parks Act to require the Department of Natural Resources to make menstrual hygiene products available, at no cost to the public, in each restroom facility that is situated within a State park and under the jurisdiction and control of the Department of Natural Resources.


  • Co-sponsors of these bills, can you prove that this is an actual concern for Illinoisans?
  • What is this going to cost Illinois taxpayers?
  • What will prevent the outright theft of these ‘no-cost’ products?
  • Who is benefitting financially from this legislation?

These people are supposed to represent Illinois.

Why I refused to wear mask on the House floor:


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