Session Update 3-1-22

The House is in Session

Please join me in praying for an end to war, especially in Ukraine.  May God protect the Ukrainian people from the unprovoked violent aggression of the Russian government.

To find the committee schedule for the day, use this link.

When you click on the committee link, it will tell you which virtual room you can watch committee in. 

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To find the committee schedule for the day, use this link.

When you click on the committee link, it will tell you which virtual room you can watch committee in. 

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A brief update on the mask mandate that ended yesterday is in order.

“I love it!”, exclaimed Governor Pritzker at a Navy Pier event February 28. “I’m so excited that we now have no indoor mask mandates. That we have no more school indoor mask mandates, and it’s all because the people of Illinois did the right thing throughout this pandemic and that we’ve been able to bring hospitalizations down.”

That’s what I am thinking.  Cases and hospitalizations are still higher than they were last year with the mandate still in place.  He isn’t even following his own science.  He is following the legal court and the court of public opinion.

And just last week, Governor Pritzker was fighting to keep the mask mandate in place in schools.

Meanwhile there are two sets of standards for Illinoisans and Chicago public school children and staff. Read Here.

As part of a “safety” agreement signed between CPS and the CTU to resolve the 4-day teacher walkout last January, Mayor Lori Lightfoot agreed to keep Chicago’s 330,000 students masked through August 2022

IN THE STATE HOUSE – Visitors, Staff, and Legislators are also held hostage by Democrat Rules on Masking.

House Rule 51.5 still requires all to wear masks in the House chamber.  I stood up against this illegal mandate in solidarity with the school children who have been wrongfully masked without parental consent for nearly two years until the court ordered the mandate illegal and void last month. 

I plan to challenge this rule again today.  Stay tuned for updates on my social media and Friday newsletter.

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A snapshot of some legislation being considered in the House and possibly up for a vote this week.

HB4305 – Allows parents to determine the age for minors to be allowed alone unsupervised. Keeps provisions in place to protect against neglect.

HB5700 – ETHICS-STATEWIDE ECON INTEREST.  Provides that in addition to other specified filings of economic interests, persons holding elective office in the Executive Branch of State government, persons serving as the head of a department of State government, and members of a Commission or Board created by the Illinois Constitution shall be required to file, on a quarterly basis, a statement regarding specified ownership interest in any entity doing business in the State of Illinois.

This legislation was filed in the wake of the report that Governor Pritzker’s blind trust invested in companies doing business with the state. Read the story here

HB2910 – GROCERY-DISCOUNT PRICE-DISPLAY. The don’t let the discount tag at the grocery store fool you legislation.

Provides that, if a grocery store or a supermarket shows the price of an item on a screen or other display at the point of sale, and the item is being sold at a discount to the regular price, the display must show both the regular price and the discounted price when the price of the item is first displayed on the screen, rather than delaying the showing of the discounted price until the total price of all items is displayed,

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