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It’s A Start

Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has joined the ranks of countless corrupt politicians in the state as he finds himself indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of racketeering, bribery, and other illegal activities during his tenure in office as one of the most powerful people in the state.

State Representative Dan Caulkins Responds

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More Shoes to Drop, Madigan Indictment is Just a Start

We deserve to know who the other state legislators are that are named in the indictment.

March 3, 2022 – On Wednesday March 2, 2022, federal prosecutors indicted former Speaker of the House Michael Madigan in a 22-count indictment alleging that between 2011 and 2019 Madigan and co-defendant Michael McClain ran solicited bribes and financial awards for him, his associates and his law practice. The indictment includes charges of racketeering with McClain carrying out illegal activities for Madigan. State Representative Dan Caulkins responds:

“The Madigan indictment, is truly an indictment the Illinois Democrat party. Madigan alone controlled the party. Madigan made all the decisions and ran the campaigns and every significant Democrat holding office in Illinois is there because of Mike Madigan.

Because of this, we deserve to know who the other state legislators are that are named in the indictment.

Representing a district that is invisible to corrupt power players is hard enough. Trying to get real work done for the citizens of Illinois is nearly impossible when we’re up against a party that is a criminal enterprise. Don’t stop here, U.S. attorney’s office. Illinois deserves better.”

A Few News Items from the Week


“I love it!”, exclaimed Governor Pritzker at a Navy Pier event February 28. “I’m so excited that we now have no indoor mask mandates. That we have no more school indoor mask mandates, and it’s all because the people of Illinois did the right thing throughout this pandemic and that we’ve been able to bring hospitalizations down.”

Um, didn’t you just take your mask mandates all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court? Your power trip got shut down by lawsuits and the courts. The virus was significantly weakened by the Omicron variant, not your tyrannical policies.

Chicago Public Schools Held Hostage By Chicago Teachers Union.


As part of a “safety” agreement signed between CPS and the CTU to resolve the 4-day teacher walkout last January, Mayor Lori Lightfoot agreed to keep Chicago’s 330,000 students masked through August 2022. 

You Can’t Make This Up.



So, Just To Clarify…

The People’s Convoy traveling from California to Washington D.C. in the coming week will be dangerous as it goes through Illinois, but it will no longer be a threat after it crosses into Indiana?  And the organizers who aimed to shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway in August of 2020 were peaceful protesters?

That’s what the Illinois State Police (ISP) think. Or do they? Where is their directive coming from?

ISP press release on the People’s Convoy:


ISP statement on the 2020 Police Brutality protest:

“The Illinois State Police is aware of the planned protest to march along the Dan Ryan Expressway on August 15, 2020. We have been in contact with the protest organizers to set up a safe route of travel. The Illinois State Police will protect the rights of those seeking to peacefully protest while ensuring the safety of the public. We will keep interested media posted once more information is available.”

Indiana State Police on the People’s Convoy:

“There is no reason to believe there’s going to be any traffic disruption because their [truck convoy] end goal is to go to Washington, D.C. and this is just a pass through,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Glen Fifield. “We are not anticipating any issues in Indiana.”

This Is Illegal

Did Democrats not get the memo that Governor Pritzker’s tyrannical mandates were stiff-armed by the courts? Naperville Rep. Janet Yang Rohr’s measure (HB1167) was passed by the House March 2nd and requires that teachers and staff be vaccinated if they want to receive administrative benefits for COVID related sick leave.

Don’t expect the ruling elite to quench their thirst for power anytime soon.


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