Legislative Update 3-11-22

Session Update

This week the Illinois House continued with Committee work.  Last Friday was the deadline for House bills to be considered and passed by the entire House in order to proceed to the Senate unless the bill’s deadline was extended.  This week Senate bills came over to the House for consideration in House Committees.  There was very little action on the House floor.  The most significant action was that the Democrats finally decided to end the COVID mask theater and in a vote of 104-1, passed a resolution which nullifies the House Rules pertaining to COVID mitigations including masking.  Read more here.

Currently in the House there are 47 Committees.  Committees are formed by the Speaker of the House and include a Democrat Chairperson and a Republican Spokesperson.  All committees are represented by a Democrat/Republican membership equal to the D/R representation of the House.  For example, the Revenue Committee, one of the larger committees, has 18 members on it – 11 Democrats and 7 Republicans, a ratio similar to the House membership of 73 Democrats and 45 Republicans. 

Committee Chairperson and Spokesperson are eligible to lead their party on that Committee when they are in their third term.  Each one of them receives a stipend for that position of over $10,000 for the year no matter how many times the committee meets. In the past some committees have never met during the year and the chairperson and spokesperson still receive the $10,000 stipend.  On average, these committees meet less than 8 times a year with few meetings lasting longer than an hour. 

The Democrats have decided to keep in place the COVID committee procedures of Committee hearings being heard over Zoom.  Committees are open to the public and can be viewed online.

My Committee assignments this year include:  Public Utilities; Prescription Drug Affordability; Energy & Environment; Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, & IT. Some legislation we have considered or are considering are:

HB3125:  Requires new housing to include electric vehicle charging ports.  This controversial bill that would raise the cost of homes when EVs are not widely used passed the Illinois House on a partisan vote. No Republican voted for the legislation.  My belief is that a homeowner and a builder can make this decision without government mandating it.

SB3939:  Requires the state to provide a liaison to local governments to assist in cyber security issues.  It passed the Senate unanimously.

SB3866:  Climate Works Training.  Passed the Senate 39-14. Essentially this bill requires taxpayer grants to train and hire minority workers for jobs in the climate change area.  Requires supplier diversity reports. Gives priority for training funds to unions.

Double Whammy


We all feel the pain at the fuel pump. But what’s up with fertilizer?

It all begins with China:



Farmers Issue Bidenflation

Warning To Americans

An acorn and soybean farmer from Iowa said on Wednesday that Americans can expect to see grocery bills increase $1,000 a month due to a massive increase in the price of fertilizer.

Here’s why:


Here’s why he owes residents a permanent, significant gas tax cut.

Gas Prices Are Soaring.

And The White House Keeps Misleading Public On Oil, Gas Leasing

Here Are The Facts:


This Is What Dems Care About Right Now

Legislation mandates residential buildings accommodate EV charging


Meanwhile, Kamala Harris rolls out $1 billion green energy bus programs:


Illinois’ Flat Income Tax Advantage Is Nearly Gone

And Illinois’ competitiveness may suffer an even larger hit this year if residents vote for Amendment 1 on the November ballot. That amendment will enshrine Illinois’ collective bargaining rights – some of the most union-friendly in the country – in the Illinois Constitution. If that happens, any labor reforms that could lower taxes will effectively be blocked.

More Details Here

Thought The Illinois School Mask Controversy Was Over?

Think Again

There are lingering issues that could lead to future mandates, and you can be sure Governor Pritzker is aware of them. There is also a Cook County court ruling that has gone almost entirely unnoticed. It essentially says that blanket mandates deprive students of due process. Why isn’t this getting more attention?

Read all the details here.


But that’s who these people are. Chicago Teachers Union vice president Stacy Davis Gates calls attorney Tom Devore, (who successfully defended parents and school boards against authoritarian rule),
a “freak show”.

Dysfunctional Back And Forth Between CPS & CTU

I Demand More Ethics Reform


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