Legislative Update 4-4-22

One Week to GO and Nothing Is Getting Done!

In this week’s newsletter:

Session Update – IDES Roundtable – SAFE-T Roundtable – SB2803 Roundtable – News

I know the outrage gets a little old, but it is very frustrating to watch these Democrats roll through nonsense – and actually terrible – legislation rather than putting forward bills that will actually improve people’s lives and the Illinois business community that provides jobs and opportunity.

We have seen no reform on bringing down property taxes, fixing our unsustainable pension system, or making Illinois more competitive economically. With one week to go, bipartisan working groups have not met to discuss the budget.  I won’t be surprised when Democrats slam through another record budget without giving anyone time to scrutinize it.

Here’s some legislation we should all have concerns about:

  1. HB4116 – “HB 4116 will weaken the case for an employer to be able to refuse to hire or fire someone who tests positive for THC, and making it more difficult for the employer to prove impairment. In other words, if passed, HB 4116 lowers safety thresholds and will create unsafe workplaces for Illinois families.” Read more here.
  2. HB1167 – The House passed this a month ago and now the Senate passed it this week. It discriminates against unvaccinated school employees. Provides for COVID-19 paid administrative leave for school district employees who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  3. The Democrats teed up a series of FOUR pro-abortion bills: HR789, HR790, HR94 were resolutions essentially reaffirming that the commitment to providing abortions to all at any time.

HB1494 was actual legislation that says a licensed doctor in Illinois cannot be disciplined in Illinois if another state suspends or revokes their license for participating in an abortion.

In the meantime, NONE of the Public Safety Legislation mentioned in my last newsletter was advanced.

We Want Illinois To Repay IDES Debt

Illinois State Representatives Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur), Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville), Martin McLaughin (R-Lake Barrington), Chris Miller (R-Robinson) and Blaine Wilhour (R-Effingham) took to YouTube to hold a roundtable discussion on the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) and the billions Illinois borrowed from the government to keep it viable: https://youtu.be/g_08uociqr0

Follow-UP Roundtable on IDES Debt Discussion

Latest Illinois Democrat Whoppers

At his press conference last week Governor Pritzker not only boasted about getting Illinois’ fiscal house in order, he went on to claim that Republicans are against paying down debts with cash that the state has on hand that came from the federal government.

Nothing could not be further from the truth.

Read more about his astonishing remarks here:

This Is Really Messed Up

Illinois high schoolers are being taught “15 Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture”:

Illinois Unions Want More Post-Pandemic Taxpayer Money

But one policy expert says the state cannot afford to make promises with money they do not have:


Roundtable Discussion on the SAFE-T Act Democrats are backing away from their own bad legislation. Their “public safety” bill makes us less safe and is estimated to cost over $700 million statewide.

Chicago Murders Are Up 86% YTD Versus 2019

Wirepoints’ Matt Rosenberg was on with Bruce St. James of WLS 890 this week. They discussed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s attempt to mislead the public on Chicago’s latest crime numbers:

Half Of Chicago’s ‘Solved’ Murder Cases

In 2021 Didn’t Lead To Charges

Police officials touted that detectives in a violent year cleared the highest number of cases in nearly 20 years, but that doesn’t mean most killers will face justice.


University of Illinois And Northwestern Are Among The Worst

The best way to end the travesty that has overtaken higher education in America is to stop giving them money. Universities are wallowing in massive administrative ‘diversity, equality and inclusion’ spending and they need to be cut off.

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