Legislative Update 4-19-22

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There are many details to discuss about the budget that just passed and other legislation that will affect you.  Watch this newsletter for information on my upcoming town halls where I will give a session review.

In Case You Missed It


Watch Here:  https://youtu.be/yY2FtUzYlhI


Watch Here:  (2489) Caulkins Hospital Visitation Bill 06Apr2022 – YouTube

Illinois COVID Policy Failed. Big Time.

The strict Pritzker Administration pandemic policies damaged the state’s economy, kept students out of school and achieved no benefit in lowering mortality.

Illinois Tax Burden 7th Highest In Nation

That’s a significant jump compared to pre-pandemic 2019 when Illinois’ effective tax rate was 11.2 percent – the nation’s 13th-highest rate.

Democrat Crime Bill Does Nothing

Except fail to unwind the larger anti-cop, pro-criminal bill that was passed last year:

Consequence Of Ignorant Policy

Last year Chicago suffered 1,836 carjackings. One of the legislative failures contributing to the jump in Chicago carjackings came when lawmakers in 2015 rescinded the right of county prosecutors to charge juvenile carjackers as adults. Juveniles have recently been responsible for nearly half or more of carjacking or carjacking arrests in Chicago.

Democrat’s Genuis Response? Track Everyone’s Cars



Let’s Hope This Backfires On Them

Illinois Democrats are attempting to bully retailers into ‘campaigning’ for them by forcing them to post signs bragging about how generous they are in suspending tax increases until after the election. Non-compliance will result in fines, but other than the required language, there is no restriction on the signs containing additional comments.

Can’t wait to see what our clever businesses come up with!

Dems End Session Without Addressing Ethics Reform

Despite ongoing high profile corruption cases in Illinois, the crisis of confidence at the statehouse went unaddressed during the recently concluded legislative session as lawmakers left the capitol to focus on the 2022 elections.


China Cozy With U.S. Higher Education

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign shows five contracts totaling $26.5 million with the Chinese government.

China also keeps a close eye on dissenters on U.S. campuses, who have faced swift retaliation for being outspoken against their authoritarian government.


U of I Faculty Members Need To Prove Themselves To This Guy

If They Want Tenure Or A Promotion

Sharpen your pencils and write a one-page essay about your on-the-job contributions to diversity and equity, folks! You will then be smugly judged by Bill Bernhard (above), executive vice provost for academic affairs.

And somehow he thinks this is worth bragging about:


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Oftentimes, some of the best legislation comes from people who see where the law is unworkable or simply unfair.

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