Legislative Update 5-24-22

This newsletter serves as an important way for me to let you know what’s happening around the state.  As a state legislator, I am called to vote on a myriad of bills, some of which may only affect our district tangentially.  My newsletter will often capture news from outside the district, but news that will still impact you as a resident.

I am reminded of the prescient and accurate quote of Thomas Jefferson, “A well informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.

Crowning Achievements Under Democrat Rule

High Crime

  • Soaring Inflation
  • Energy Crisis
  • Failing Schools
  • Open Borders

Unfortunately, this newsletter is consistently chock-full of disturbing examples, and this week is no different. Unless things drastically change, you can continue to expect more of the same.


Public schools are being assaulted by deviant Leftists who are trying to take over your children and your families. Sadly, there are too many examples to illustrate just how serious the situation is. The following stories have recently come under scrutiny, and they are warnings to take this seriously!

Have Doubts About “Gender Ideology” Being Taught In Schools?

This article details what is happening in one Evanston school, but it is also being replicated all over the country. We should take Florida’s lead in trying to protect Illinois children from imbibing this poison.

Bringing you this story, because parents in Illinois have spoken out about similar books in their public classrooms. We all must be vigilant.

Mom Not Allowed To Speak About Pervert Teaching Her Child

A very upset mother of a Nevada high school student stood up at their school board meeting to read a pornographic excerpt from a novel that her daughter was forced to read out loud in front of her class. One school board member immediately interrupted the mother telling her that the language was ‘inappropriate’.


But the mother continued…and they shut off her microphone.

What kind of creepy teacher does something like that?

And why doesn’t the school board care?

Watch the video here:



Illinois State University (ISU) is now requiring students to pass a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) course to be eligible to graduate.

Naturally, this requirement was recommended by…wait for it…ISU’s Campus Climate Assessment Task Force. Just additional proof that public schools have become nothing more than indoctrination Petrie dishes for the Left.

Think twice before paying a fortune for their steaming garbage!


A Heritage Foundation study shows that university DEI programs are ineffective, overstaffed and squander significant amounts of taxpayer money:


Preschoolers Being Punished Over COVID

Vernon Hills Park District staffers are contact tracing children in their Little Learners preschool program and forcing them to quarantine for five days – no in-person learning and no interaction with classmates. These overly dramatic, power drunk women are meeting parents and small children at the entrance of the building accompanied by a police officer if they dare try to enter.

The Illinois Public Health Act, (specifically statute 20 ILCS 2305), states that health departments are the only bodies that have legal authority to issue quarantine orders, but these two don’t care. They get off on controlling others- even at the expense of scared and confused toddlers.



Illinois Leading The Pack. In FAILURE.

If Illinois schools were a private business, they would have been forced to shut their doors years ago. Now, locals are demanding to regain control as enrollment and achievement scores dwindle. And tone-deaf Leftists like the Illinois State Board of Education and Governor Pritzker blame it on, obviously, COVID.

But Superintendents should have demanded local control years ago.


Illinois DCFS Is Sponsoring ‘PrideFest Kiddie Korner’.



It’s A Good Time To Be A Criminal In Chicago

New Chicago Police Department data shows that there are fewer than one in five arrests for some major crimes. This is encouraging to criminals, and until they get a tougher message, they won’t let up.

Chicago Crime Serves Democrat Politics

The shooting in Buffalo on Saturday was horrifying. But it was also ‘mayhem as usual’ in Chicago over the weekend, and no one is talking about it.

Democrats and their media minions don’t care about the hell-fury they helped unleash just two years ago with the George Floyd riots, because now it is fueling their own politics. That’s why the lawlessness will continue under their rule.

John Kass lays it all down in this MUST READ article:

An important follow-up to the story of Dakota Early from last week’s newsletter.

One hour before Dakotah Earley was shot, Chicago police decided not to chase the stolen BMW his attacker used – CWB Chicago

Police rules on chases are making it easier for criminals to escape. This time it nearly cost Dakota Early his life and it ended up maiming him for life.

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