District Update 6-13-22


Heatwave expected this week. 

Will your AC work? Pritzker and his Chicago friends aren’t worried about it.

We pulled this screenshot from the MISO app which anyone can download.  It appears to conflict.  They may declare “Conservative Operation” but they are instructing South Region members to “follow procedures for emergency conditions.” We are trying to contact MISO to get clearer information.  We do know this is most likely just the first alert for the Summer.

Bottomline, is MISO, the provider of energy to the grid in central, southern and north-western Illinois, may not be able to produce enough energy this week to meet demand.  If that is the case, they will ask customers to voluntarily conserve energy and bring back online any equipment that was down for maintenance. Curious readers can read more at this link:  FAQ Emergency Operations 2-2019318049.pdf (misoenergy.org)


Republicans are trying to help Illinoisans survive the consequences of devastatingly harmful Democrat policies, and House Speaker Chris Welch has made it crystal clear that he will ignore them.

“We don’t comment on Republican primary fodder”, he arrogantly responded.

State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) is calling on Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch to call a Special Session of the House of Representatives to address the high cost of gas. Sponsored by Niemerg and supported by other downstate lawmakers, such as Brad Halbrook, Chris Miller, and Blaine Wilhour, House Bill 5732 would take effect 30 days after passage to give fuel stations time to program all of the changes into their systems and for the Department of Revenue to send out the rules. Niemerg says the proposal would suspend the state’s motor fuel portion of the gas tax, which is 44 cents per gallon right now, with the projected revenues for the state still to be higher than last year’s revenue even with the four-month suspension. The legislation has a number of co-sponsors who agree that statewide families are hurting with these high taxes as well as farmers and other businesses trying to provide products for the communities throughout Illinois.


Illinois’ Education System: Poor Results And No Accountability

The following assessment focuses on a Decatur school district, but it is a blueprint that represents failing schools all across the state of Illinois. It exposes a harsh reality that we must confront and correct.

It is our responsibility to prepare our children for their future. As one of the state representatives for Decatur families, I vow to investigate this situation and I will not let rest until we fix this problem.  We must do better for all children. 

Please Read this Report.

Deceptive And Incompetent

Instead of finding solutions that actually combat Illinois’ skyrocketing crime, Governor Pritzker is going to take pictures of the thousands of cars on our expressways to try and look for criminals AFTER they have violated their victims.

Democrats refuse to acknowledge that their disastrous policies are fueling the appalling crime wave sweeping our state: bail reform, a corrupt judicial system, crippled police forces, coddled juvenile and career criminals, failed schools and overall economic despair and moral decay.

This new legislation won’t prevent crime…so what is it really intended for? The Illinois Democrat elites don’t want you to know what THEY’RE doing, but they want to know everything YOU’RE doing.


He Thinks We’re Stupid

Gov. Pritzker is trying to sell the lie that he is going to ‘give us’ relief money (how generous of him) to ease our suffering that is a direct result of stunningly bad Democrat policies in the first place. It’s nothing but a shell game for the politically powerful in Illinois who never have to live under the tyrannical rule they’re so fond of unleashing on the rest of us.


The Scam Lives On

Gov. Pritzker told reporters in Chicago recently that the COVID pandemic “resembles a massive flood for Illinois because much like a flood, it has no set time duration.” He also noted he has used executive orders and disaster declarations to keep people alive. Highly debatable.

“We’re still in COVID-19,” Pritzker said. “We still have a pandemic. There is still a federal disaster that has been declared.”

Translation: Democrats are going to use the pandemic excuse to control you as long as they possibly can.


Why Don’t Our Laws Reflect Our State?

A new poll shows a majority of Illinoisans do not agree with the abortion policies passed by the State General Assembly. The Ogden & Fry Survey shows that 78% of respondents were opposed to the measures signed into law by Governor Pritzker, especially ending parental notification for minor children before they get an abortion. The poll shows the majority of folks share common ground on abortion, with 64% describing themselves as “pro-choice with some restrictions” or as “pro-life with exceptions.”


Illinois Nursing Homes Need To Do Better

The Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) quarterly report shows that 74 private Illinois nursing homes were found to have violated the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act in the first quarter of the year. Five of those facilities had violations that could have resulted in the death of a resident and were fined up to $50,000.

Of the 74 listed in the IDPH report, 69 facilities had “A” violations that pertain to a condition in which there is a substantial probability that death or serious mental or physical harm will result or has resulted. The other five received “AA” violations which means that there is substantial possibility care resulted in a resident’s death.


Read the IDPH report here:


This Is Happening Folks

Whether or not we want to admit it, misguided adults are exposing our children to things that have no business being in our property-tax-funded Illinois schools. We need to look out for our kids and families, because they are the #1 target for the Left’s political agenda.

Under the guise of being ‘fun’ and ‘inclusive’, a Waukegan middle school hosted a drag queen show last month featuring a school employee:


Keep The Creeps Away From Our Children

How did no one see the red flags with this guy?!?

A children’s gymnastics coach in Downers Grove has been charged with sex abuse and producing child pornography, in what authorities called a “heinous” case.

Wyatt Kopka, 30, who worked at Elite Sports Complex, faces 11 counts of child pornography possession and a count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a victim between 13 and 16 years old, according to court records.

Kopka, from Clarendon Hills, spent the last decade coaching children between 2 and 17 in Downers Grove, sometimes under the name Shannon D. Kopka, according to the DuPage County sheriff’s office.


“Executive competence is super underrated in politics – we should care about that a lot more!”

~Elon Musk on Twitter

We Are Here To Serve You!

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Oftentimes, some of the best legislation comes from people who see where the law is unworkable or simply unfair.

If you have ideas on how the state of Illinois could improve, let’s sit down and discuss if a legislative fix is needed.

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