District Update 9-12-22

How Politically Convenient

President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan could lift debt burdens from millions of borrowers, but student loans in many states will be subject to state income taxes.

Not in Illinois.

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Grim Lessons Out Of Memphis

What do career killers Cleotha Abston (L) and Ezekiel Kelly (R) have in common? They were both released early from prison and were roaming the streets of Memphis freely, despite their extensive criminal records. If far-left prosecutors and judges have their way, this will be the new normal throughout the United States.

Simultaneously, police are being hamstrung and put in grave danger.

Under Governor Pritzker’s reign, Illinois has the 6th highest number of slain officers.

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Manufacturing Is the Backbone Of Illinois’ Economy

The Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) based in Schaumburg, Illinois, is presenting its 2022 Champion of Small and Mid-Size Manufacturers Award to 44 state lawmakers that demonstrated their support for TMA members’ best interests during the 102nd General Assembly. I am honored to be recognized as one of these 44 lawmakers.

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Snake Crossing

As snakes undertake a biannual migration in the Shawnee National Forest this fall, the U.S. Forest Service will be closing three miles of a road in southern Illinois to protect them.

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What’s In Season?

When the air turns cool and the trees blaze with color, it’s time to welcome the flavors of bountiful autumn produce into the kitchen!

Make the most of the fruits, vegetables and herbs that will be taking center stage this fall! 

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We Are Here To Serve You!

As a State Representative, my office is available to assist you with any issues you may have when interacting with a state agency. Whether you need help with unemployment claims, getting a FOID card, renewing your drivers license or resolving a tax problem, we are here to serve you.

Oftentimes, some of the best legislation comes from people who see where the law is unworkable or simply unfair.

If you have ideas on how the state of Illinois could improve, let’s sit down and discuss if a legislative fix is needed.

Please call our office at 217.876.1968 to get help or schedule an appointment to see me. The office is located at 715 W Imboden Dr, Decatur.

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