District Update 9-27-22: Repeal the SAFE-T Act

Legal Challenges Fly Over The SAFE-T Act

Governor Pritzker and other top state Democrats are being sued for violating the state’s constitution when they pushed through sweeping criminal justice reforms last year. The lawsuits claim that the SAFE-T Act legislation creates a system that brazenly contradicts the expectations people have for the criminal justice system and is a clear and present threat to public safety

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The police, not the criminals, will be handcuffed.

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An Interview from My Colleague

State Representative Chris Miller (R), Oakland, Illinois

We Must Repeal The SAFE-T Act

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 On September 16th, Governor Pritzker issued his

34th Covid Disaster Proclamation

marking more than 900 days of Illinoisans living under emergency rule. This continues to give him power to rule without checks and balances from the legislature.

This is tyranny, folks.

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Democrat Policies Will Force Illinois to Beg Other States for Energy

The closing of Illinois fossil fuel plants will soon be mandated by Democrats’ year-old Climate & Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) and will force the state to look elsewhere for power by 2030 at the latest. Billions of dollars will have to be spent upgrading transmission lines from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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Another Indictment of a Springfield Legislator

And Another One Accused of Abusing Women

Read About Senator Emil Jones Indictment

I am appalled that another legislator has been indicted.  As anyone can see, the ethics laws in this state are nearly meaningless and the watered down new laws are not much help. The corruption in this state makes us all a bit more cynical towards government and rightly so. The charges filed against Sen. Emil Jones III are similar to charges filed against other members of the General Assembly but Pritzker has not called on them to resign. Here’s the real question – should an elected official who cheated on his property taxes also resign from office?  

I promise to do whatever I can as your State Representative to root out fraud and corruption from every corner of our government.

On Our Illinois Roads

From the Caucus Blog

Sharp increase tracked in fatal Illinois road incidents.  The numbers come from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which has compiled nationwide and state-by-state death totals covering the first quarter of calendar year 2022. 280 persons were killed on Illinois roads, reflecting a 24% increase from the three-month 2021 period.

Traffic experts say that not only has driving increased since the depths of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic, but also after the pandemic, many Americans are driving less safely. Driving under the influence (DUI), distracted driving (typically, distracted by a cell phone), and speeding are blamed as factors in the statistical trend.  Motor vehicle insurance adjusters say that there has been a surge of distracted driving since the pandemic. Driving while distracted is a moving violation in Illinois. The fine schedule for the offense starts at $75.00 plus court costs, with additions for second or subsequent offenses or factors in aggravation.

Everyone Welcome! (just kidding)

Chicago, ‘America’s most immigrant-friendly city’, is wasting no time getting migrants the heck out of their city and shipping them to the suburbs and Central Illinois.

Estimates for how many immigrants have been bused to Chicago range from just 300 to 1,000. That’s nothing compared to what Chicago should reasonably have expected to receive based on its population when it rolled out its welcome mat and declared itself a ‘sanctuary city’.

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