Rep. Caulkins Wants Clarity from Attorney General Concerning Enforcement of Unconstitutional Firearm Ban

Pictured from left to right, Ed Sullivan ISRA Lobbyist, William Potts ISRA Legislative Director, Rep. Elik, Rep. Caulkins, Rep. Windhorst, & Rep. Tipsword.

State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) participated in a press conference on Wednesday with the Illinois State Rifle Association and his House Republican colleagues, Representatives Cabello, Elik, Tipsword, and Windhorst to urge the Illinois Attorney General to provide more clarity to law-abiding gun owners concerning last Friday’s court decision ruling that the firearm ban signed by Governor Pritzker is unconstitutional.

“Our Second Amendment rights are under attack,” said Rep. Caulkins. “The court ruled the firearm ban unconstitutional last Friday and law-abiding gun owners deserve to know whether or not the Attorney General is going to continue enforcing the unconstitutional firearm ban.”

On Friday, March 3, Macon County Circuit Court Judge Rodney Forbes ruled the firearm ban to be unconstitutional. This ruling was in response to Rep. Caulkins lawsuit filed in Macon County concerning the firearm ban signed into law on January 10th by Governor JB Pritzker.

The Illinois State Rifle Association weighed in by releasing the following statement, “After reviewing with counsel the Macon County Circuit Court’s decision, based on how the decision is not explicitly limited to one named person or group of persons, and based on how the Opinion clearly finds the challenged law unconstitutional on a facial basis as opposed to being unconstitutional as-applied to any particular person or persons, the ISRA believes that the Macon County decision is meant to be read to apply to all persons in the State. We acknowledge that the language therein also seems aimed towards facilitating an Illinois Supreme Court review, and we are confident that the skillful attorneys representing the plaintiffs will successfully present their arguments to that Court at the appropriate time.”

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