March Madness Prevailed Again in Springfield

Thank A Vietnam Veteran Today and Every Day! 2023 marks 50 years since the Paris Peace Accords treaty was signed – officially ending the war in Vietnam. President Donald Trump formally signed the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act designating March 29th National Vietnam Veterans Day. This holiday is dedicated to the sacrifices made and the hardships endured by both Vietnam Veterans and their families. It immortalizes the honor they brought that will be carried on from generation to generation.


Illinois House Democrats continue to demonstrate their arrogance and prove that they have no respect for the people of Illinois and the job they were elected to do.

Instead of conducting House business in a fair and respectable manner over the five months of regular session, Democrats manipulated the process and cheated the people of Illinois of adequate debate and discussion concerning proposed legislation. They put together a sham marathon Spring session spanning several days and crammed through hundreds of bills in a rush to meet the artificial deadlines they set up.

Protocol regarding a three-reading requirement for all bills was totally mocked and rushed through like a disclaimer at the end of a pharmaceutical commercial. As we saw with the passage of the SAFE-T Act and Gun Ban bills, this is highly unethical if not outright illegal.

 It is one thing to ask another person to cast a vote during a restroom break, but it is FRAUD to do so when the member is not physically present at all.

Republicans caught them red-handed doing this Friday night, March 24th.

A controversial bill came up that Republicans vehemently opposed, and I called for a vote verification. The Speaker running the debate ignored the request and declared the bill passed, having received its constitutional majority of votes. After more arguments from Republicans (and silence from the Democrat Speaker) the vote verification was allowed to proceed.

And what do you know? Democrat ‘yes’ votes came up short because THEY WEREN’T PHYSICALLY THERE TO VOTE.

Any staff or other member who voted for a member who was not present should be reprimanded. My colleagues and I are asking for a full investigation into the matter.

After Republicans brought this Democrat stunt to a halt, the Speaker immediately passed the Agreed Resolutions and adjourned. How convenient. The bills that did not receive a final vote Friday will now have an extended deadline or will be dead for this session.

It is a small victory, but we will take whatever we can get!

‘Power At Every Level’

In their own words, this is how the Chicago Teachers Union headlined their annual delegates’ training conference on March 23. Some 200 members skipped school to learn about “building power from the school buildings to the district and charter networks to the highest levels of political power in the city”.

Never mind teaching children how to read, write and do math.

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Illinois Students Punished For Opposing Transgender Bathrooms

According to a school district policy that has been in place since 2017, Waterloo High School students are allowed to use bathrooms on the basis of gender identity rather than biological sex. The school district’s architects are addressing how the current bathrooms, specifically the men’s urinals, can be modified for more privacy and are considering designs for gender-neutral bathrooms.

In the meantime, students who protest the current policy are being forced to use the bathroom in the nurse’s office and will be marked ‘tardy’ if they have to wait in a long line to do so.

“I want an education, not harassment charges for worrying about the safety of myself and others,” said one female student.

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Testimony: Accountability Is The Problem, Not Funding

On March 22, Wirepoints’ Ted Dabrowski testified to members of the Illinois House Appropriations Committee on Elementary & Secondary Education. “Illinois is already spending more on education than most states,” he said. “The question is, for what? Student outcomes haven’t improved yet there is no accountability for that failure.”

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Best Outdoor Adventure Spots In Illinois

Whether you’re looking for a challenging hike, a scenic campsite, or a unique wildlife experience, there are plenty of options to choose from this spring!

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Happenings in Springfield Last Week

Speaking with students from Arthur Christian School

Thank a Farmer. FFA Day.

Honoring Illinois National Guard Commanding Generals

Caulkins Attends Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day

The Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) has become the number one demonstration of citizens promoting gun owners’ rights in the United States, and the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) is its primary sponsor.

I invite you to visit the Illinois State Capitol.

Contact my staff and if my schedule permits, I will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.

As your State Representative, my office is available to assist you with any issues you may have when interacting with a state agency.

Please call our office at 217.876.1968 to get help or schedule an appointment to see me.

The office is located at 715 W Imboden Dr, Decatur.