Some good, some bad…some very bad days last week

And You Thought Lori Lightfoot Was A Disaster…

Recently, Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson addressed a joint session of the Illinois House and Senate. Instead of proposing solutions to the serious issues facing Chicago, his message was focused on more spending, higher taxes, and a big bail out from Springfield. Without offering solutions for real change, the city’s skyrocketing crime, miserably failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and suffocating business climate will continue. Throwing more money at the problems is not the answer.

Unfortunately, where Chicago goes, so goes the state, and it is a sad situation for all Illinoisans.

Walmart’s flight from Chicago

Perhaps Walmart would have stayed – as it originally promised – if it saw any chance of improvement in the city’s trajectory. Outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s failed four-year term saw crime worsen, taxes increase and dysfunction skyrocket. 

But instead of a turnaround, Chicagoans made Brandon Johnson the next mayor. Johnson blames corporations for causing poverty and crime and plans to target them with tax hikes to fund his many “investments” and social programs. He’s also on record for calls to “defund the police.”

Bottom Line: Power & Control

One party has hijacked every level of Illinois’ legal system, and they’ve got the rest of us right where they want us.

In addition to cranking out untethered partisan laws at a blistering pace, Illinois Democrats aren’t wasting any time getting leftist district attorneys and judges elected and appointed. Law enforcement is being cut off at the knees, and even the laws Democrats themselves passed are being selectively applied and enforced.

Injustice is everywhere. Biden-appointed U.S. District Judge Lindsay C. Jenkins (Northern District of Illinois) recently ruled against a father stating that he has no fundamental right to forbid the Villa Park School District from helping his child change genders.

Translation: parents’ constitutional rights to direct the upbringing of their children all but end at the public school door

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Emerging Leaders in Springfield

Last Tuesday, the Illinois House Republican Caucus hosted an Emerging Women Leaders Event for 47 women from all over the state. It was an amazing networking opportunity filled with inspiring and dedicated women. They heard from keynote speaker, IL Supreme Court Justice Lisa Holder White, who began her legal journey in Decatur. They also spent time with Juliana Stratton, the first female African-American Lieutenant Governor, and Tony McCombie, the first female House Minority Leader.  A listening session was held about major issues happening in Illinois and what women can do to make changes.

It was my pleasure to honor Jennifer Koshinski Dahn and Stephanie Jo Price for the outstanding work they do in Macon County.

Jennifer Dahn and Stephanie Price are two leaders making a positive impact in central Illinois. Jennifer Dahn is improving the lives of central Illinoisans by providing individuals and families with her comfort dog ministry and Stephanie Price is an excellent ambassador and strong advocate for the business community in the Decatur area. I appreciate both of their contributions and dedication to central Illinois as Dahn and Price are two emerging leaders for our region.

We Are Forever Grateful

World War II was the most devastating and consequential conflict in human history. When the United States was drawn into the war in December 1941, the country put every resource it could spare into the effort not only in its industrial scale weapons and material production, but also in manpower.

Of the 16.3 million Americans who are estimated to have served in WWII, there are still 6,114 WWII veterans living in Illinois (the seventh most of all states), according to the National WWII Museum.

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