Airport taxing issues in McLean County affect all of us.

McLean County Residents Should Have a Chance to Weigh In on New Tax

A property tax hike could be in store for residents of McLean County if a new bill becomes law. Legislation being pushed through the Illinois General Assembly would require all property taxpayers in McLean County to pay for the cost to operate the Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington.

“I am opposed to this legislation as it creates a new tax for most homeowners and businesses in McLean County,” said Rep. Caulkins. “A new tax that equals a property tax hike for most taxpayers. This legislation circumvents the law by not allowing the taxpayers an opportunity to consider the creation of this new taxing body. A decision that should be made by the voters in McLean County, not the Illinois legislature.”

All House Republican lawmakers representing McLean County which include State Representatives Dan Caulkins, Jason Bunting, William Hauter, and Dennis Tipsword sent a letter to the House State Government Administration Committee to express their concerns about the legislation that will result in a property tax hike for residents forced into the new airport taxing district. The letter was read into the record during the committee hearing and the Republican lawmaker’s concerns were backed in committee by local farmers, mayors, and township officials representing McLean County.

The legislation (Senate Bill 684) amends the Airport Authorities Act to create the Central Illinois Regional Airport Authority to encompass all of McLean County. If this legislation becomes law it would dissolve the current Bloomington-Normal Airport Authority and the new authority would assume its powers, assets, and liabilities. The new airport authority powers would include a property tax levy expanded to all of McLean County and allow the newly created airport authority to issue bonds; rents, tolls, fees, and eminent domain.

The new airport taxing district in McLean County would take effect upon becoming law. SB 684 passed the House State Government Administration Committee on partisan roll call Wednesday afternoon with six Democrats voting in favor and three Republicans voting against, including Rep. Caulkins voting against the potential property tax hike. The legislation will now head to the full House for consideration.

Listen to the Issues We are Facing in the State and Get to Know Davis and Friess

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What A Truthful Headline Would Read:

‘Why is BRIBERY such an accepted practice in Illinois politics?’

There is plenty of blame to go around, and former House Speaker Mike Madigan is the quintessential poster child for representing ‘the game’, but the real story goes much deeper. Corruption in Illinois has a long history and is deeply entrenched in the state.

After six weeks of trial, 12 jurors are considering the merits of the case that ended former House Speaker Michael Madigan’s record-breaking grip on power. But when all is said and done, will it just be the names and faces of the players that change, or are Illinoisans going to demand better?

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Classic Example Of Illinois’ Scandalous Budget Process

Illinois’ program for free Medicaid for illegal immigrants is costing an estimated $990,000,000 – 495 TIMES what the estimate was at the time on passage just three years ago. The estimated $2 million cost was reached in its first month of the programs existence. It is 94 times the cost of its first year cost of $188 million.

Costs continue to grow, and the state doesn’t have the money.

Additional pressure on Medicaid from this program comes at a time when the state is expected to lose $760 million in special Medicaid federal funding for its own citizens that was provided to states during the pandemic.


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 13 Illinois Counties At Risk For Housing Market Downturn

A recent analysis done by real estate and property data warehouse ATTOM was based on a variety of metrics for different areas, including general property costs, amount of underwater loans and foreclosures and unemployment rates.

The company’s assessment also expresses concerns about Illinois’ high taxes, poor jobs climate and growing out-migration problem.

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Illinois A Ranking Member In The ‘Biggest Losers’ Club

Illinois, New York, and California continue their streak as the nation’s biggest losers of residents and their wealth to other states according to the analysis in the link below.

Texas and Florida continue to be the nation’s biggest winners.

The latest IRS state-by-state migration data is based on tax returns filed in 2020 and 2021, covering tax filers and their dependents who moved from one state to another between 2019 and 2020.

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It was my privilege to meet Miss Illinois 2022, Monica Nia Jones.

 Brad Cole, Executive Director of the Illinois Municipal League.

Brad is from Macon and one of Jo’s former students.

It’s The Illinois National Guard’s 300th Birthday!

The Illinois National Guard traces its history back to May 9, 1723 with their first ‘muster’ (an accounting of members in a military unit) of the local militia in the Illinois Territory. This muster was in the small village of Kaskaskia in southern Illinois, then part of French territory.

The Illinois State Military Museum is celebrating the occasion in Springfield on May 6th, and the schedule of events is contained in the link below:

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