When will we see things change for the BETTER in Illinois?

Illinois Poised to be the First in Nation to Subject Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act

The radical Democrats are not content with Illinois being the most pro-abortion state in the country. They have now passed legislation that would effectively criminalize the speech of pro-life pregnancy centers and shut them down. SB1909, the deceptively named, Deceptive Practices – Pregnancy Centers, would force pregnancy centers to discuss abortion as a way to handle an unwanted pregnancy.  It would also restrict sidewalk outreach by pro-life counselors who want to share options other than abortion with women in a crisis pregnancy. Capitol News summarized the bill as: “Illinois would become one of the first states to make so-called crisis pregnancy centers subject to the same consumer fraud standards as car dealerships, retailers and service-based businesses under a bill that will soon head to Gov. JB Pritzker. Upon the measure becoming law, crisis pregnancy centers could be sued under the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act if they engage in “unfair methods of competition” or “deceptive acts or practices.”Democrats argued that pregnancy centers don’t offer full reproductive healthcare. Hmm…isn’t it abortion clinics that offer no reproductive healthcare, just an end to reproduction? The Illinois House Freedom Caucus, of which I am a founding member, made this statement: We hear a lot about protecting women, we keep using the word women in reference to this bill. How far should we go to protect women? Should we protect young women in high school restrooms from intact males in that space? Should we protect women in collegiate athletics from having contact with males in the dressing rooms? Senate Bill 1909 is nothing more than a power grab to give the Attorney General carte balance authority to target crisis pregnancy centers for any reason. Anyone- even people who have had no direct connection to a crisis pregnancy center- can lodge a complaint that could launch an investigation. enters. It also is an overt persecution of people whose only crime is disagreeing with abortion. Senate Bill 1909 will be challenged in court.  It will be overturned, and we will continue to speak out against the extreme positions of the pro-abortion advocates in our state.

Illinoisans WANT School Choice

For many children in dire situations, this is a powerful way to put their lives on a different path. The only thing standing in their way is power hungry teachers’ unions and their political allies who seek to control the public education system. Read this first-hand account of how one Chicago Catholic school principal’s life was changed by avoiding the failing public schools she was offered.

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In this Wirepoints discussion, former Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin joins Ted Dabrowski to talk about how Illinois lawmakers may kill the state’s only school choice program, how bad Chicago Public Schools’ student outcomes really are, why power over education should be taken from administrators/unions and returned to parents, and more.

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Democrats’ Response to Weapons Ban Challenges?More Gun Control

With Illinois’ ban on certain semi-automatic firearms being challenged in the courts, the House Demarcates passed Senate Bill 218 on Wednesday, which will allow for firearms manufacturers and retailers to be sued for any criminal active by involving a gun.

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Will Anything Ever Change In Illinois?

In the wake of the ComEd 4 trial, why aren’t there more calls for ethics reform? Democrats refuse to even discuss it, but the future of our state is in great peril if trust is not restored. Here is the latest example of why Illinoisans’ trust may be irreparably eroded: State officials suspended the legislative pension of former lobbyist Michael McClain after his conviction May 2 alongside the ‘ComEd Four’ on bribery charges, but the suspension may only be temporary. Since McClain is a former Illinois House representative, Illinois law states that legislative pensions can only be revoked if the representative engaged in misconduct in connection to their service in the General Assembly. McClain retired from the House in 1983 before working as a lobbyist or consultant for ComEd. The General Assembly Retirement System has paid out more than $313,000 to the former legislator, and the current Attorney General, Kwame Raoul, has already issued opinions in support of reinstating the legislative pensions of two former Illinois lawmakers who pled guilty to federal tax evasion.

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Policy researcher Joe Tabor presents 4 concrete steps state lawmakers could take to combat corruption, but do we have the courage to do it?1) End the revolving door2) Empower the Legislative Inspector General3) Stop lawmakers from lobbying local governments4) Give teeth to Illinois lawmakers’ conflict of interest rules

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COVID Is No Longer an Emergency In Illinois!!

What a joke. In an interview this week, Gov. J.B. Pritzker reflected on how he and the state handled the pandemic but didn’t say a word about mishandling any aspect of it. The lengthy list of his administration’s abuses of power are in this article, but one thing is for sure- he has washed his hands of any accountability when it comes to the suffering Illinoisans endured at his behest:

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Why, Why & Why the End of Title 42 Will Hurt Illinois

With the Biden administration’s end to the pandemic-era Title 42, (which allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants at the US border), a surge of foreign nationals entering the state is guaranteed to be a huge financial burden for Illinois taxpayers. As of last year, Illinois has seen well over 8,000 staying in shelters around the Chicago area alone. As busloads have continued to arrive to our state, hypocrite Mayor Lori Lightfoot has declared a state of emergency in her ‘sanctuary city’, and Governor Pritzker said that we will take care of incoming migrants, but he needs more money to do it.

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The Illinois Makers program celebrates the small businesses whose uniquely Illinoisan style and creativity set our locally made goods apart.

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