Many Illinoisans shut out of state budget process

Lawmakers return to Springfield this week to finally address the state budget. It is our sincere hope that Democrats will lift their moratorium and invite Republicans to the negotiating table where we can share our expertise and make sure all Illinois families are considered in decisions that ultimately affect their pocketbooks.

Crafting the budget shouldn’t happen behind closed doors or by one political party. Nor should it be trotted out for a vote before all sides have had a chance to review it and get answers to important questions. More important, Illinois residents should have the opportunity to weigh in before a final vote is taken.

We urge the Democrat leadership to recognize that our breadth of experience would be beneficial to them and to the budget making process. We have a lot to offer; moreover we share their passion for this great state and want what is best for every Illinois resident.

Shutting out the voices of residents from 40 districts is not democracy in action, in fact, it is the opposite. The Illinois House of Representatives can do better. The people of Illinois deserve better.