Here We Go Again…COVID Controversy Continues

Appeals panel: Changes to IL Conscience law allow employers to force workers to choose between Covid jab and their jobs

Michael J. Bilandic Building, home of the Illinois First District Appellate Court, Chicago | Jonathan Bilyk

This is another abuse of the legislative process and a miscarriage of justice. Our court system has been politicized and many of the judges who sit on these cases are afraid to oppose Gov. Pritzker.  It has been proven that the COVID shots do not stop the spread or contraction of the virus. We know this because so many public figures who have taken it (and the booster) have contracted COVID. Some multiple times. What we are learning is that there is still much to learn about the side-effects from taking it.

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It is entirely unacceptable that the Illinois General Assembly Democrats have been radio silent on the Hamas atrocities against the Israeli people.

Democrats who usually comment on everything, said nothing on the House Floor this week while we were in session.  There was no recognition of the horrific Hamas attack on innocent Israelis, the horrific murder of the 6-year-old Palestinian-American boy, or even gratitude that two Illinois citizens taken hostage by Hamas were released.

Hamas is a TERRORIST organization and should be strongly condemned as such.

Thankfully, Representative Brad Halbrook introduced a resolution (HR449) that rebukes the horrific attacks and recognizes Israel’s right to act unilaterally in self-defense for the protection of its citizens.

But a resolution shouldn’t be necessary to invoke American support for Israel.

It is disappointing and, quite frankly, shocking that Illinois Democrats are so easily influenced by the highly political and deeply misguided narrative of the far left of their party.

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Harvest Nears Homestretch in Illinois

Harvest season is going strong in Illinois. Remember to look out for large equipment on the roadways, be patient, and give our farmers plenty of room as they continue their work. 

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Only One Crumb for You! 

Governor Pritzker will sign an extension of Illinois’ Invest in Kids scholarship program, but only if the legislature sends him a bill. House Republicans filed a bill (HB4105) that aims to completely eliminate the program’s sunset provision, but it remains to be seen what the supermajority Democrats in the General Assembly will do.

Even if Democrats go along with extending the program, it’s the very LEAST they should be doing.

This program doesn’t even begin to address the need for school choice in Illinois. The public schools are failing miserably, and the teachers’ unions have a stranglehold on any chance for positive change.

For Democrats to act like they would be doing families a favor by ‘saving’ this program is disingenuous at best. It is the ONLY public scholarship program that exists in Illinois, and they would vote to keep it solely to silence their critics. They will not go one step further because their true agenda is to maintain their political capital and placate the teachers’ unions.

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We’re Handing Over The Keys

In January 2023, Virginia governor Glenn Younkin (R) turned away a Ford factory that was partnering with Chinese battery maker CATL calling them a ‘Trojan horse’ for Beijing, but it didn’t take long for that same company to fall into the welcoming arms of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (D).

After high-crime and high-tax Democrat policies ran companies like Citadel, Boeing and Caterpillar (just to name a few) out of Illinois, desperate Governor Pritzker and his fellow Democrats decided to join the ‘Make China Great’ club. Both Pritzker and Whitmer are enticing the Communist Chinese battery company Gotion to set up shop in Illinois and Michigan.

Gotion has a $2.36 billion project in Michigan which received $872 million in tax breaks and incentives from the state. A Gotion Illinois plant could be eligible for $1.5 billion dollars a year for five years in federal subsidies.

If you think handing our country’s economic prosperity and ingenuity over to China is a bad idea, you will be called a ‘xenophobe’ and a ‘MAGA Republican’ by misguided Democrat lawmakers.

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Migrants continue to flood our southern border on a daily basis, and this WILL have consequences in Illinois and the entire country for generations to come. Already, Illinois taxpayer subsidized health care for the influx of non-citizens is projected to be $300 million over budget.

Over 18,000 non-citizens have arrived in Illinois just over the past 13 months, and more are expected to continue being bused here from the southern U.S. border.

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Because We Say So!

Don’t believe the U.S. Census Bureau, the IRS, U-Haul, United Van Lines or Allied Van Lines data, the political elites at the Illinois Economic Policy Institute released a recent study (so it must be true) that claims Illinois is doing ‘just fine’. The reality is that Illinois was just one of three states in the country to shrink from 2010-2020, and the population losses accelerated sharply in both 2021 and 2022.

The truth is, Illinois continues to lag the country in most of the economic, fiscal and demographic measures that matter most.

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Get Out Your Pumpkin Carving Tools!

Here are more than a few jack-o-lantern tips and ideas you won’t want to pass up:

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