Updates on the Budget, Chicago Public Schools, School Choice, and More in Rep. Caulkins’ Latest Newsletter

In Case You Missed It

If you missed my response to Gov. Pritzker’s budget address, please watch this short video to be more informed and know what’s in store for Illinois this year.

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I wanted to point out this excerpt from Shia Kapos’ newsletter Friday morning following President Biden’s State of the Union Address as Biden mentions a massive deal in Illinois.

Excerpt from Kapos’ Newsletter

In his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress Thursday night, President Joe Biden singled out Illinois for the “great comeback story” of the Belvidere Assembly Plant that had closed in early 2023. The backstory: The plant had been a central point of last year’s national United Auto Workers strike — Biden even joined workers on the picket line in Michigan. The UAW and Stellantis eventually negotiated a deal that led to the Illinois plant reopening. And Biden visited Belvidere to celebrate. Notice what isn’t said, but what is obvious – Illinois taxpayers will be on the hook for big subsidies to the Stellantis Belvidere Plant. We just haven’t been told how much yet. If Gotion got nearly $700 million in state and local subsidies for their investment of $2 billion, then you can bet that Stellantis will receive much more for their reported investment of $5 billion. Subsidizing EVs and their batteries is not what Illinois tax money should be used for!

Can you imagine going to your boss and insisting on a raise, more benefits and personal accommodations plus support for your favorite and very selective social causes AFTER having proven again and again that you’re an utter failure at your job?

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Yet Another Case For School Choice

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), which is currently begging Governor Pritzker and his Democrat Supermajority to give them over 600 million dollars more in taxpayer money next year. They recently released a report that analyzes the Invest in Kids program which was the only school choice program Illinois had that Democrats recently killed.

It shows that students with the largest year-over-year learning gains were scholarship recipients.

ISBE, along with powerful teachers’ unions, want more and more money from hard working taxpayers for their disastrous performances. If this isn’t proof that the exorbitant amounts of money they already receive isn’t being used for the benefit of the students and teachers they claim to represent, what is?

Even though the ISBE report is flawed, it does prove that the Invest in Kids program was a lifeline to struggling low-income students in public schools.

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