Updates on Bills in Committees, Population Decline, and Unfunded Mandates in Rep. Caulkins’ Latest Newsletter

Committee Work Continues in Springfield

Last week we continued to meet in committees to evaluate legislation and vote on whether those bills should move to the full House for a vote.  Thousands of bills have been filed and are in committee, but only a small number have been considered and voted on so far.

Take a look at the list below. Do you think these bills help you, your business, or your family?  The answer is no.

On Tuesday, 32 bills passed out of committees, none of them were Republican-sponsored bills. 

On Wednesday, 44 bills passed out of committees, and 2 were Republican bills.

On Thursday, 19 bills passed out of committees, and 3 were Republican bills.

None of these bills substantially change the business climate, improve student outcomes, lower property taxes, or reform pensions. If you want to read more about these bills click on the bill number in the link below.

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Illinois Tops The Loser List (Again)

Illinois’ population decline continued for its 10th consecutive year in 2023.


The Illinois Policy Institute explains why our state is the 3rd worst in the country:

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Why Are We Such Slow Learners?

It may have taken too long, and many American citizens have paid a heavy price, but Democrat-run cities like San Francisco, Washington and New York are finally embracing conservative anti-crime policies. This marks a stark reversal from 2020 when the growing influence of the ‘progressive’ Left fueled a national effort to undermine police and strip law enforcement budgets.

When will Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson decide to join them?

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More Mandates = More $$

Illinois Democrats want to mandate that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Pollution Control Board establish a “clean transportation standard” and reduce the use of carbon-based fuels by Illinois drivers on the state’s roads.

Illinois doubled the gas tax in 2019 and has raised it every year since. In addition, the state assesses its 6.25% sales tax on top of every dollar spent on gasoline.

Illinoisans simply can’t afford yet another tax burden.

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Spring Equinox 2024

We are greeting the first day of the new season with the ‘spring equinox’,

but what is it exactly?

The Farmers Almanac explains:

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